Kuri Horn Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Massive. Vertically high and bulbous shaped. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Overall Gigantic, bulbous and conical. Porous and light. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Overall Floating horns huge at the base. Unspecified-1402883444, Ethiopia
Overall Light, porous, thin horn case. Abnormal form is Buoy-shaped. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Overall The horns, which are a striking feature of the Kuri, are very large, being bulbous (the circumference at the base may exceeds 24 ins.) are conical in shape and average some 30 ins. in length. Borrie, Nigeria On Station
Overall Thick and light. Borrie, Nigeria
Overall Very large, conical. Base circumference may exceed length. Borrie, Nigeria