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Sex Meansort descending SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Unspecified They have long ears: 18.1±5.3 cm in males and 18.2±3.1 cm in females. Unspecified-1402883398, Eritrea
Overall The horns, which are a striking feature of the Kuri, are very large, being bulbous (the circumference at the base may exceeds 24 ins.) are conical in shape and average some 30 ins. in length. Borrie, Nigeria On Station
Female Average: 314 Borrie, Nigeria
Male Range: 3.2 - 6.1 Unspecified-1402883446, Turkey On Farm
Female 51.8 - 249.3 Kizil (reddish), Karaman and Kara Koyun ( black sheep), Turkey
Female Average: 45 Unspecified-1402883498, Senegal On Station
Female Range: 33-86 Chevre Commune, Chevre Locale, Long-hair goat, Short-hair goat, Burundi On Station
Overall Black or pied black Atacora , Benin
Female 58 Range: 0.05 - 1.75 Unspecified-1402883446, Western Sahara
Unspecified Colour variable but whole colours (grey, black, white) predominate. Hair, short and coarse or long and fine; longer breeches on both fore and hind legs not uncommon. Unspecified-1402883405, Swaziland