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Sex Meansort descending SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Are small and upright. Unspecified-1402883450, Turkey
Overall Adapted to harsh conditions. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Female Average: 216 Unspecified-1402883385, Nigeria
Female Range: 20.9 - 36.7 Unspecified-1402883446, Turkey On Farm
Male Average: 143 Unspecified-1402883392, Nigeria
Female Brown-shelled Unspecified-1402883440, Sri Lanka On Farm
Female Range: 51.8 - 294.3 Kizil (reddish), Karaman and Kara Koyun ( black sheep), Turkey
Female Average: 219 Unspecified-1402883498, Senegal On Station
Overall Its coat is white with black and brown patches on the head and below the hocks, as well as on the fore-shake. Unspecified-1402883450, Turkey
Male Range: 50 - 55 Lebanese Jabali, Western Sahara