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Sex Meansort descending SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Female Range: 150-250 Unspecified-1402883383, Madagascar
Overall Toggles or wattles are present in 7% of goats Mozambique (Landim=Landrace in Portuguese); Small East African., Mozambique On Station
Female 214 Average: 38 Unspecified-1402883392, Nigeria On Farm
Female Range: 3.00 - 6.5 Unspecified-1402883446, Western Sahara On Station
Overall Average: 25.1 Bunaji (Hausa), Yakanaji (Fulani), White Kano, Nigeria
Male 29 Range: 40-55 Unspecified-1402883411, Togo
Male 35 Range: 57 - 72 Amasys Herik, Herki, Harrick, Herrik, Hurluck, Turkey
Cow Average: 255 Gambian N'dama , South Africa On Station
Overall Average: 147.3 Borrie, Nigeria
Female 25 Range:0.05 - 1.25 Unspecified-1402883446, Western Sahara