Adamawa Fulani, Cameroon Fulani, Bamenda.
Special Characteristics: 
A characteristic large hump positioned thoracically and hangs over to one side; body is short, compact, deep and well muscled with broad back; the short-horns can sometimes be loose; coat colour is brownish red, roan, black and white, red and white – with white as a dominant colour – or bridled; body conformation resembles the East African Boran.
Main Location: 
Inhabit the Adamawa mountain area of Cameroon and the Bamenda plateau, which stretches well into north-eastern Nigeria.
The Foulbe Fulani migrated with their cattle from West Africa and arrived in Adamawa in the 18th century. The zebus they brought with them are the source from which today~{!/~}s Adamawa type cattle have evolved. The Foulbe Fulani of Adamawa mountain area of Cameroon and the Bamenda plateau which stretches well into north-eastern Nigeria still own this breed. They probably evolved from a mixture of the Short-horned Shuwa Zebu and the Long-horned Fulani Zebu that produced several intermediate breeds depending on the level of influence of one or another breed. The Ngaundere is the most pure one, while the Banyo, or Adamawa Gudali shows a marked influence of the Red Bororo. In the past, the Yola, a variety of the Adamawa, with some West African Shorthorn blood, was present in the north-eastern Nigeria (Felius, 1995).