Kuri all Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value 위치 MC
Female Average: 134 Borrie, Nigeria
Male 152.00 Borrie, Nigeria On Station
Overall Average: 147.3 Borrie, Nigeria
Female 134.00 Borrie, Nigeria On Station
Overall White Borrie, Nigeria
Overall White, light grey or dun. Sometimes have colored spots. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Overall Predominantly white with pigmented mucous membranes; individuals with red, red pied, light grey, dun, dark or black spots, reddish brown, greyish red or speckled markings are often present, white animals with occasional grey-coloured shoulders and dark sp Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Overall White Unspecified-1402883444, Ethiopia
Overall White. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Overall Generally white in colour, often with red or reddish-brown or black splashes or speckled markings. The muzzle and inside of the ears are black, the skin is also black. Borrie, Nigeria