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Special Characteristics: 
Reflecting its mixed genetic origin, the Yola shows considerable variability in conformation; it is used for milk, meat as well as work; because of its WAS background, the Yola breed is expected to have some level of trypanotolerance (Felius, 1995).
Main Location: 
Inhabits north-western Cameroon and northern Nigeria.
The Yola is a variety of the Adamawa with some West African Shorthorn blood; it is believed to have resulted from interbreeding of the Banyo and Ngaundere types of Adamawa Zebu with the White Fulani and Humpless Dwarf Shorthorn (WAS) cattle; however, the Yola resembles more closely the Banyo type of Adamawa Zebu than the other types held to be involved in its origin; it is also known as 'Tattabareji', an Hausa word for speckled (Epstein, 1971).